Southern Southland Federation

There are five WIs in the Southern Southland Federation.

  • Grasmere WI - Meet on the 3rd Wednesday at 1.30 pm at St Stephen's Church Hall. Members often meet between meetings for a cuppa. The contact person is Alison Warden - phone (03) 215 4113 or email 
  • Longbush WI - Meet on the 2nd Thursday at 2.00 pm in members' homes. The contact person is Heather Trotter - phone (03) 214 5155 or email
  • Riverton WI - Meet on the 2nd Thursday at 1.30 pm in members' homes. The contact person is Anne Kolo - phone (03) 225 4431 or email
  • Waianiwa WI - Meet on the 1st Tuesday at 7.30 pm in the Waianiwa Hall supper room. The contact person is Robyn McCallum - phone (03) 235 2636 or email 
  • Waimumu WI - Meet on the 3rd Monday at 2.00 p.m. in the Gore RSA. The contact woman is Jane Forbes - phone (03) 208 9088 or email

The Southern Southland Federation Executive Committee meet on the 4th Tuesday. email Federation President, Christine Baird

For an update on happenings in Southern Southland - their April 2024 newsletter is HERE.

For more information contact the national office

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