Joining the Women's Institute

There are several ways to join the WI: you can get involved as a WI member with your local institute, become an Associate member or even set up your own WI.

Check out locations for the nearest WI near you.

Email the national office for more information and they will help you get fully involved in their activities and fun.

Become a WI member

Become a WI member and be part of an organisation which takes pride in their local community. Join with others to ensure your community is a safe and healthy place to live.

Membership offers a range of opportunities based on friendship and fun. Be involved with choral and drama groups or perhaps a walking group. The WI is well known for the number of women talented in all types of handcraft within its membership some who compete each year for coveted national honours but all willing to share their talent.

Join for $49 per year (2023) by contacting your local federation or contacting us for further information.

Starting your own WI

If there isn't a WI in your locality or the meeting times do not suit your lifestyle and you have a group of friends or colleagues who are keen to get involved - you might like to start your own WI. We can help you to establish this process so please contact us and find out more.

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