Home and Country is the official magazine of the New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes.

All the information required for WI members is in this magazine. Interesting articles are there for non-members as well.

In the November issue there is

  • ONZM Honour
  • International Month
  • A migrant's challenge to WI

In the August 2022 issue there was

  • 101st AGM celebrated
  • Five Gold Honours
  • National Competition winners

The 2023 highlights schedule for federations can be downloaded here. This is also available in the Members' page - Resources and downloads

For all enquiries contact the Home and Country Editor, PO Box 31-412, Lower Hutt 5040 Phone:(04) 566 1584; 027 766 1584 and email exec@wi.org.nz

The magazine is part of the WI membership affiliation however issues may be purchased for $9.50 each or an annual subscription for 4 copies of $37.00 to a New Zealand address or to an overseas address, at a cost of $NZ 52.00.

Those members who do not wish to receive the magazine direct are able to access the Home & Country magazine online through our website.

All members are now able to access the magazine online.


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