Home and Country is the official magazine of the New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes.

All the information required for WI members is in this magazine. Interesting articles are there for non-members as well.

In the September / October issue there was

  • Highly commended 800 words
  • History of the WI
  • Make your own slouchy hat

In the November / December issue there is

  • Quilted question
  • Celebrating suffage 125
  • WI Awareness Week delivers

For all enquiries contact the Home and Country Editor, PO Box 31-412, Lower Hutt 5040 Phone:(04) 566 1584 and email exec@wi.org.nz

As at 1 August 2018 there are two issues left so should anyone wish to subscribe - the cost will be $12.00

You can purchase one issue only for $6.50.

Costs for overseas subscribers in 2018 is $NZ 52.00.


Members are now able to access the Home & Country magazine online through our website. The cost of this is $20 for non-current subscribers or free if you are already a subscriber. Contact the office if you would like to get the magazine online.


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